• Jet Fan Performance Test according to ISO 13350:2015 standard

  • Works horizontal – Reversible/Unidirectional

  • IP55 Protection Class for Motor and Terminal Box

  • EMAK Jet Fans are Fire Rated according to EN 12101-3 Standard

  • Used for smoke exhaust in case of a fire and dual-purpose fresh air ventilation during standard conditions.

  • The purpose of the Jet Fans is to make a smoke-free escape route for people in case of a fire.

  • The casing is formed from the S235JR (EN10025) steel sheet.

  • Inside of the silencer, perforated steel sheet and its outside, steel sheet wraps the insulated silencer.

  • RAL7038 paint finish is applied after production.

  • The gap clearances of impeller tips are made according to appropriate world criteria.

  • The hub is made of Aluminum or Steel.

  • Impeller blades are made of Aluminum or Steel.

  • The impeller blade angles are adjustable.

  • Static and Dynamic vibration defects are recovered after production according to appropriate ISO 21940 norm.